May 4, 2022

Rugby East Announces 2021-2022 All Conference Teams

The Rugby East Conference is pleased to announce our 2021-2022 All Conference teams. This was an extraordinarily successful year for our members. St. Bonaventure captured the National Collegiate Rugby (NCR) Division 1 National Championship in the Fall and Army West Point capped off their tremendous year to become USA Rugby's D1A National Champions. These achievements cemented the Rugby East as truly the best conference in the country. Congratulations to all those student-athletes included below and to their respective programs.

First Team

Student Athlete School
1 John O'Toole Penn State
2 Matt Meehan Army
3 Larry Williams Army
4 Drew Dunham Army
5 Collin Grosse Army
6 Ben Haugh Navy
7 Collin Brennan Navy
8 Jack McMahon Navy
9 Tai Kauwe Kutztown
10 Sean McNulty Army
11 Brian Stella Penn State
12 Keelin Coyle St. Bonaventure
13 Lucas Otineru St. Bonaventure
14 Dale Sturdifan Navy
15 Eddie Howell Navy

Second Team

Student Athlete School
1 Ethan Doumbe St. Bonaventure
2 Sai Fautanu Navy
3 Juan Pen St. Bonaventure
4 Peter Ratnayake Navy
5 Cameron Mills Notre Dame College
6 Koi Koi Nelligan Army
7 Steven Rohde Army
8 Lucas Pattinson Army
9 Tiaan Mosconi Army
10 Dalton Musselman Penn State
11 Nolan Green Army
12 Frank Bell Navy
13 Jesse Capriotti Penn State
14 Mike Amberg Army
15 Alex Chura St. Bonaventure

Honorable Mention

Student Athlete School
1 Isaac Marret Army
2 Janniel Badeas St. Bonaventure
3 Noah Smith Penn State
4 Cameron Thurtell Kutztown
5 Charlie Overton Penn State
6 Cory Ratka St. Bonaventure
7 Aidan King Penn State
8 Hugh Johnston Notre Dame College
9 Sebastiano Villani St. Bonaventure
10 Thorne O'Connell Kutztown
11 Fadzai Mushonga Notre Dame College
12 Greg Steffens St. Bonaventure
13 Jackson Aleman Navy
14 Mate Kvirikashvili Kutztown
15 Lewis Gray Navy

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