Proposed 2023-2024 Conference Rules

1 - Code of Conduct
All student athletes and coaches in the Rugby East Conference are required to adhere to USARugby's Collegiate Code of Conduct. Any breach of this Code of Conduct will be forwarded to the appropriate Disciplinary Committee for action.

USA Rugby Collegiate Code of Conduct

2 - CIPP Registration
All Rugby East members will CIPP Register with USA Rugby as our shared organizaiton and National Governing Body. Teams will then have the option to choose which Competition they would like to participate (NCR vs CRAA D1A).

Register with USA Rugby
Rugby East - Introduction to RugbyXplorer
Rugby Xplorer Admin Training Videos

3 - Eligibility
Teams must follow the USARugby and/or NCR Eligibility guidelines. Players must be registered prior to their first match. Any teams or players not registered will forfeit their match, as decided by the Rugby East Disciplinary Committee. Coaches must also meet USA Rugby registration and course requirements to be fully compliant. This rule is also valid for Second Side and Spring XVs rosters. All players must be a currently enrolled student and must be registered with USA Rugby to your institution.


4 - Match & Roster Reporting
Each program is responsible for reporting accurate game information, including Match Rosters, into the Rugby East Google Forms. This information will be added into the Competition Management System of each Competition (NCR/D1A).

5 - Communication
For all conference matches, the host team must communicate with their opponent no later than a week prior to the match. It is mandatory to communicate sooner if there are changes to the standard match day and kick-off time (standard match time is Saturday at 1:00pm.), or you will not have a second side available. Host teams are responsible for communicating with their assigned match referee no later than the Wednesday prior to their match.

6 - Forfeits
No-shows or forfeits must be coordinated between the program directors and the Rugby East Commissioner no later than 8 days prior to the match. Not showing up to a match will be an automatic forfeit and the team will be barred from playoffs. The Rugby East Disciplinary Committee will determine when disciplinary and/or administrative penalties will apply against the forfeiting team, which may include compensation due to the non-forfeiting team, not to exceed $500. Forfeits will be recorded as 28-0 win to the non-offending team, and recorded as 4 tries scored and 1 bonus point.

7 - Travel Consideration
Although match play on each program’s home field is encouraged by the conference, special consideration shall be given to those visiting teams required to travel more than a 8 hour drive from their respective institution to the designated home field location of their opponent. Visiting teams in these situations reserve the right to request that the match be played at a neutral field location on the normally scheduled match date. The visiting team's request must be made prior to the Conference season and must be communicated to the administrators of the host program as well as the conference commissioner in order to determine a mutually agreed upon alternate location. The host club is responsible for ensuring this field is adequately lined, has the appropriate protective padding and ensuring an Athletic Trainer/First Responder present. Requests for fee reimbursements for those additional costs incurred may be submitted to the Conference Commissioner and may require Board approval.

8 - Medical Trainer
The host team must have a medical trainer present for all home matches. If no athletic trainer is present prior to kick off, the visiting team is within its right to refuse to participate without penalty. In that event, the host club will be assessed a forfeit for the match; and will be subject to all penalties outlined in Forfeits Rule, including potential compensation to the visiting team up to $500.

9 - Match Film
Each program will be responsible for recording and sharing each match. High quality match film must be uploaded in .mp4 or similar format into the Match Film Repository within 48 hours of the completion of your match.

Access Match Film Repository from Rugby East Team Portal

Teams are also encouraged to provide access to a Live Streaming of their matches.

10 - Referee Requirement
Each program is required to have at least two certified referees within their membership. Those individuals should be available to officiate each club’s home second side match. Each program should encourage those members who are injured, retired from play and or may never contribute to the A-Side to pick up the whistle and become a referee.

USA Rugby Training & Education Courses

11 - Match Balls
Each program will be provided ten (10) match balls with our Conference's seal on them. These must be used for all Conference matches and no less than two of these balls should be available for each match.

12 - Technical Zone
The Technical Zone is a roped line 10 meters off the sidelines on both sidelines, starting 10 meters from the Goal line to the opposite 10 meter goal line. All Clubs must have this present during all matches and must direct all coaches, reserves and spectators to stand behind it.

USA Rugby Technical Zone and Sideline Management Guidelines

13 - Conference Sponsored Spring Sevens Competition
(Is this something we want to continue? Only 45% of the teams from 2023 tournaments were Rugby East members.
Considering greater emphasis on 15's and noting some RE programs entered in other tournaments scheduled for the same date as our events, do we want to host a conference sponsored series? If we see value, I would recommend sponsoring events only in April.)

The Conference will sponsor multiple Sevens tournaments in the Spring Semester of each academic year. The Conference encourages all programs to participate in all Conference sponsored Sevens events, including the Conference Championship, however it will not be mandatory.

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